we help organizations build digital capabilities

We love creating software that gives value to organizations, we are always looking forward to new challenges. Contact us to discuss more about your specific need.

Software Development

We understand the importance of getting results ‘right here, right now’ and to that affect, we provide powerful rapid application development with  full stack architecture for fast development of modern business web applications. 

Software Quality Assurance Services

Agile software testing services, from testing user interfaces like: Web, Desktop and Mobile to back-end such as Web services, Database, etc.  We ensure that the manual/automated test cases are scalable, maintainable and part of the application life cycle.


Similar to concierge at a fine hotel, our IT concierge will handle tasks you don't want to be bothered with on your behalf, while we keep you informed. Get in touch with us and let's see how we can power your organization ICT needs or complement it.

sense and serve inc. is an engineering informatics company, We offer simple, economical and flexible business solutions based on agile principles to help organizations in the public and private sectors build capability, innovate and grow.

Agile development for continuous delivery of business value

we include our stakeholders in the development process in order to co-create value

We use battle tested, industry standard and proven open source technologies and prototyping for quick feedback and ROI